VAN is joining Sharethrough

Five years ago, VAN set out on a mission: to help brands create and distribute great branded content campaigns that people want to share. Today I am excited to announce that VAN has been acquired by Sharethrough to create Sharethrough Europe. Like VAN, Sharethrough has a passion for meaningful content and similar company values - making the two companies a perfect match.

As part of the acquisition, we will be adopting The Sharethrough Exchange (STX) Sharethrough’s market leading in-feed ad exchange, and retiring our existing distribution network. We will continue to run existing campaigns until 30th September 2014, but at that point we will stop serving ads to all publishers ad units.

All advertiser and publisher dashboards and logins will continue running until 8th October, 2014.

Existing advertiser and publisher partners will also be offered to move to the Sharethrough platform. For publishers, the Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP) monetization software, offers a great way to monetise your audience in a non-interruptive, native way; for advertisers, Sharethrough provides a powerful platform to distribute any kind of social content - whether it’s Vine, Instagram, YouTube video or a blog article.

The VAN team are super excited to be joining Sharethrough, and look forward to help shape and expand Sharethrough across the UK and wider European markets.


Chris Quigley
MD and co-founder, VAN